Development Tools & Frameworks

Here, in alphabetical order, are the tools & frameworks we've used for this project.

Bootstrap, from Twitter

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program


Inkscape. Draw Freely


Raphaël—JavaScript Library & ScaleRaphaël

Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web


Harshawardhan Nene, Kedar Vaidya, Raju Bhosale
Blimp Design

We ❤ telling stories through beautiful interactive visualizations. Whats your story?


A big thanks to the Information is Beautiful Awards team for the data and the challenge.

James Bond 007 wiki for taking us through the six generations of Bond.

Gun Barrel Sequence from Wikipedia.

TMDB for their awesome content.

The Noun Project for an amazing collection of icons. They also have a pretty neat UI!

Films icon Thibault Geffroy,France

Kills icon Simon Child,United Kingdom

Kissed icon Simon Child,United Kingdom

Slept icon Maurizio Fusillo,Italy

Dead icon Bryan Anderson,United States

Said icon Alex Bakker

Martinis icon Zvi Epner,United States

Audience icon Rob Schill,United States

Critic icon Okan Benn ,Cyprus

Profitability icon Luis Prado,United States

Bullet icon 42,United States

acknowledgements iconAndrew J. Young,United Kingdom